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Administration & Clerical Careers

Beginning a career in clerical services or office administration can sometimes seem overwhelming. There is a lot to learn, and the career comes with a lot of responsibility. Fortunately, almost every post secondary school today offers a program preparing students to work in a clerical job or a degree in business administration. With proper training and hard work, students can be prepared to work in office clerical jobs or administration jobs within six months to four year.

Because of the variety of administration and clerical jobs available, students may choose to train in a number of different clerical skills. Many administration certificate programs that focus on basic clerical careers like typists, receptionists, mail room operators, desk clerks, and file clerks will focus primarily on filing, typing and computer skills. These programs will also review how to use basic office equipment like copy machines and fax machines.

Those who want to pursue more advanced clerical jobs such as secretaries, bookkeepers, customer service associates, bank tellers, educational assistants, or legal or medical secretaries may want to consider getting a two year associates degree from a local college or university. These programs will review basic accounting principles and go in depth in teaching computer programs that are used widely in businesses today. They may also cover management principles that can be applied should a clerical associate be promoted to office manager, and focus on project planning and human resources management, skills that can be used in the future as the clerical employee is promoted.

Bachelors degrees from accredited business administration colleges may be the best choice for those who are serious about pursuing administration training in finance, accounting, marketing or management. These programs teach skills that are useful in basic clerical services, but also concentrate on advanced accounting, business financial planning, marketing and promotions, and organizational management. These degrees typically require additional classes such as English and Psychology, ensuring that the student gets a holistic education that can be applied in any business administration career.

Administration and clerical salary can vary widely depending upon job choice and demographic area. However, salary generally increases with education, and it is therefore to the benefit of the student to pursue all the education possible prior to beginning work in an office administration job.

Graduates who are on a clerical job search should be sure to check job bulletin boards regularly, to check with businesses that interest them, to read administrative job definitions carefully to ensure that the position matches their skill, and to follow up on their applications promptly.

Though it can be overwhelming when looking to begin a career in office management and administration, it is well worth the effort. Administrative workers generally find themselves having a set schedule with generous time off, and always have opportunities for advancement. Additionally, administrative employees are always needed in nearly every field, guaranteeing a job security that is often not available in other career areas. Consider taking "the plunge". Start pursuing your clerical or business administration career today.