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International Trade

There are a number of career opportunities that can be found in international trade. These opportunities can be found at nearly all levels of professional and work experience. Whether new to the career, are planning to transfer existing skills, international trade may be the path toward a rewarding career. Because of our global economy, the field of international trade is growing. It spans a wide range of businesses and organizations; individuals have the option of working for a government agency or a for-profit business. The career often requires specialized skills and functions, so a healthy education and ongoing interest in international relations will be vital. A background in international relations or global studies will assist in this fascinating career that will offers exposure to cultures and businesses throughout the world. Many employers will require an aptitude test and career assessment to determine knowledge and readiness for a particular job.

The industry of international trade is diverse and is expanding as a major contributor of the United States Economy. Trade and commerce supports millions of jobs opportunities in the U.S. and in nearly every sector of the economy. Those who possess a good work ethic and the necessary skills should be able to find employment and advance in the industry. Over 11 million jobs in the United States depend on exports and trade. Jobs within the trade industry can be found in both large and small companies and there is expected to be consistent growth in trade-related employment for years to come.

There are many different organizations that are involved in trading activities so the international trade sector provides diverse employment opportunities. Jobs can be found within the production and distribution area, with trade service providers, trade assistance providers and trade regulators. The jobs in production and distribution often involve facilitating the selling or purchasing of products and services that are traded internationally. These careers include the manufacturing and growing, or working in wholesale and distribution. Export management companies also employ individuals to work as agents or intermediaries of trade. These jobs often require the passage of an aptitude test or career assessment.

Careers in the facilitation of international trade also have a promising outlook. Individuals who work in facilitation careers have a wealth of choices; from coordinating transport logistics to working in finance and accounting. The skills that need to be obtained to ensure a successful career will vary according to the position. There is a national credential exam for the international trade profession; the exam is similar to the CPA for certification in the accounting profession. Employers use the aptitude test as part of the career assessment to determine knowledge of the field. The Certified Global Business Professional designation will be valuable for anyone interested in a career in international trade. There are many employers who require a CGBP and use it as an indication of job capability; in some cases it is weighed more heavily than the possession of an academic degree.

Those interested in a career in international trade will have no shortage of options. Studies in international relations, economics and global issues will provide a solid foundation for further training and experience in the field. The job outlook for these careers in favorable.