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Improve career awareness with a career assessment test


Many students enter college undecided about their major, while others often change their mind time and time again. Changing majors is a common practice at most colleges and universities around the country. In fact, every year millions of students sit in college classes to learn things relevant to their major. They study for tests and complete papers and projects that propel them closer and closer to a degree. But, for many of these students, what is learned in the classroom does not equate to what they really want to do with the rest of their lives. As a result, two-thirds of all college freshmen nationwide take six years to graduate instead of four.

So, is their a solution to this indecisiveness or is this a necessary part of the learning process? Assessment tests could be the key to improving college major retention.

Requiring students to take career assessment tests during high school or the first year of college can help them get a better understanding of what they want to do and how they should best work to get there.

Career assessments help students align their natural motivations and talents with career choices. It is not about finding the perfect job, or figuring out how to earn the most money; career assessments are designed to help you discover what you were designed to do, figure out how to make it happen and minimize everything else so you are not distracted by things that don't matter.

Aptitude tests pinpoint your motivations and their corresponding talents. A career interest test reveals the real you: your natural motivations, your interests, and your talents for work. Take the career interest test and find your purpose in life.