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Arts & Design Careers

Art and Design is a broad field which includes broadcasting, fashion design, film and photography, and interior design, as well as many fine arts and commercial graphic art programs. Artists of all kinds are a special group of people because their field requires creativity, more than memorization or procedure. This does not mean however that art is nebulous or non-exacting. Artists have their own form of perfectionism and their own form of discipline which is very different but just as rigorous in effort. 

Fine and Graphic Arts
Painting and sculpting will never go out of style. People will always covet art objects, and likewise designers will always be a necessary part of advertising. Being an artist is a great field because it pulls the maximum creativity out of a person all the time. There are many fields from outdoor sign work to internet advertising. Teaching is also a great option for art majors. 

Many people do not realize how intrinsic artistic ability is to the broadcasting field. Broadcasting is a seemingly unlikely option of art and design, and yet broadcasting requires a lot of artistic people behind the scenes as well as on camera. Filming a broadcast requires a lot of artistic ability as well as a substantial degree of technical photography knowledge. Set design, as well as selecting locations for shooting live broadcasts requires an eye for composition as much or more than painting, because it has to change moment by moment and still be artistically correct.  Check out some broadcast career videos.

Film and Photography 
Both still photography and film making are terrific artistic endeavors which require a great deal of artistic talent and technical know how. It also requires a steady hand, and an eye for finding composition in life. There are many artistic fields related to film production, including costuming, prosthetic make up, set design, and computer generated graphics. All these are part of the larger category of art and design.

Fashion Design
Fashion design is a major field within art and design. Fashion design is an art form, which we see in our every day lives. Fashion design can be quite profitable. Many designers make a great deal of money and become famous, while others may stay small and obscure, but truly love their work. Creating clothing for fashion shows, and to sell to consumers is very rewarding, as is a career in fashion design.

Interior Design
Whether designing for individuals or doing corporate office design interior design is a very exciting field. There is a lot of diversity, and a lot of growth in this field. Interior design is more than selecting pretty colors schemes. It involves ergonomics, space utilization, and understanding work and traffic patterns in both home and office. With office space at a premium, most interior design companies offer to maximize the use of space, and save the need for costly relocations. Interior design is a vital and growing part of the corporate world, as well as serving individual homes. Find out how to become an interior designer.

Receiving a degree in any art and design field is challenging, and will require hard work and long hours, just like any other field. The main difference is that for an art student, the homework is a lot more fun, and involves work one can be passionate about.