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Farming, Fishing, & Forestry

Assistant Professor

Company Name: 
UW Dept. of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences


Seattle, WA 98195

and their families in all industries, including farming, forestry and fishing - Occupational health services research - Methods for exposure control, and for evaluating their effectiveness Applicants must have an earned PhD or MD in a...

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Hunting for a Job

Are you searching for a fulfilling and rewarding new job? Are you having difficulty deciding what you’d like to do and where you’d like to begin looking? You’re not alone. Job hunting can be difficult. Below are a few job hunting tips that can make your quest a bit easier.

The Workforce Investment Act

Workforce Investment Act

Being unemployed doesn´t mean being out of options. The Workforce Investment Act is a government-funded program with the goal of providing adults with the money needed for the education, skills and training they need to get and retain jobs. The U.S. Department of Labor works with states through the Workforce Investment Act to provide money for workers, so they can afford career training for jobs that are in demand in local markets.

Improve career awareness with a career assessment test


Many students enter college undecided about their major, while others often change their mind time and time again. Changing majors is a common practice at most colleges and universities around the country. In fact, every year millions of students sit in college classes to learn things relevant to their major. They study for tests and complete papers and projects that propel them closer and closer to a degree. But, for many of these students, what is learned in the classroom does not equate to what they really want to do with the rest of their lives.

Farming, Fishing & Forestry Careers

Choosing a career can be a tough choice for many people. When someone thinks of what he or she wants to do for the rest of their life, he or she may feel pressure at to choosing the correct career path. Currently, people should seek career paths that will be stable in the future as job growth is a major concern of the present. Also, one should look at the many fields that are able to embrace change and progress with the passing years. One of the most popular current choices for a stable career path is that in the farming, fishery, and forestry fields.

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Associate's Degree
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South Dakota

South Dakota Colleges

The land of South Dakota is one that is both steeped in western tradition. The land contains the fabled Black Hills, and the must see Mt. Rushmore. With over 77,000 square miles in land area, South Dakota has plenty of room to move and experience the great outdoors. Besides being a great place to live and work, South Dakota also has a tremendous commitment to post secondary education. There are over 30 colleges and technical schools in the state today that not only have quality education, but also provide unique experiences for their students.

Thank you letter and follow-up letter etiquette

Avoiding Follow-up Flip Flops

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Writing a Cover Letter Unlocks Employment Possibilities

Some things in life just go together. You wouldn´t eat peanut butter without jelly, popcorn without butter or mashed potatoes without gravy. And you should never send out a resumé without a cover letter.

There is an art to writing effective cover letters. Cover letters are situation-dependent, meaning they must be individually written to have the most impact and generate the most response. Here are a few tips to help you write outstanding cover letters that put you one step closer to getting your dream job.

Common Sense Tips for Your Job Hunt

There’s plenty of standard dos and don’ts for any regular job interview . But what about when certain important things that you’re not prepared to explain or avoid spiral out of control? We thought that just going over a few crazy scenarios that could possibly arise, with simple-to-remember directions to start them off, might be appropriate.

1. Avoid dog poop.

Socializing Outside of Work

Socializing outside of the office can improve your career. Fraternizing with fellow employees in a relaxed environment allows you to build more personal relationships. However, there are some dos and don’ts one must follow when having cocktails with coworkers or playing golf with the boss.

Do discuss topics other than work. Ask someone about their hobbies and their family.

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