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Writing a Cover Letter Unlocks Employment Possibilities

Some things in life just go together. You wouldn´t eat peanut butter without jelly, popcorn without butter or mashed potatoes without gravy. And you should never send out a resumé without a cover letter.

There is an art to writing effective cover letters. Cover letters are situation-dependent, meaning they must be individually written to have the most impact and generate the most response. Here are a few tips to help you write outstanding cover letters that put you one step closer to getting your dream job.

Common Sense Tips for Your Job Hunt

There’s plenty of standard dos and don’ts for any regular job interview . But what about when certain important things that you’re not prepared to explain or avoid spiral out of control? We thought that just going over a few crazy scenarios that could possibly arise, with simple-to-remember directions to start them off, might be appropriate.

1. Avoid dog poop.

Socializing Outside of Work

Socializing outside of the office can improve your career. Fraternizing with fellow employees in a relaxed environment allows you to build more personal relationships. However, there are some dos and don’ts one must follow when having cocktails with coworkers or playing golf with the boss.

Do discuss topics other than work. Ask someone about their hobbies and their family.

Seven Steps to Uncovering Your Brilliance

Online Aptitude Test

By Ian Christie, LiveCareer Counselor

Most people don’t know how to take a compliment, let alone talk about their achievements in a job interview. It can be difficult to “sell” yourself to employers, especially if you haven’t really taken the time to uncover your true assets.

Resumé building resources from Career Explorer

You have heard it many times before – your resumé is your first impression in a job search. Resumés are extremely important when it comes to securing an interview and landing your dream job. A resumé is your chance to let the potential employer get to know you without ever seeing or speaking to you. What is your resumé saying about you? Learn the secret to making a resumé shine with these professional resumé writing tips, resumé cover letter techniques and follow-up and thank you letter hints that take you from unemployed to happily employed.

How to Tactfully Resign

Turning in your resignation can be a tricky situation. No matter how much you dislike your position, it’s important to be as tactful as possible when leaving your job. It would be unwise to burn any bridges because you may need references for future employment. Also, before actually resigning, you may want to consider several factors.

Trimming the Textbook Price Tag

How Renting Textbooks Could Make Your Classes Cheaper

You stand in line at your school bookstore, waiting as they total up the cost of your new textbooks for the semester. Have you ever wondered which ones were printed in gold? Or which texts had to be hand-lettered by monks? Something has to explain the high price of textbooks!

Top Career Training and Career Education Opportunities

Getting your company to pay for school

It is no secret that the cost for a college education has increased in recent years. At the same time, the amount of federal financial aid available to students has decreased. The difference could mean more out-of-pocket expenses for you. But the answer to your financial aid dilemma could be as close as your company's human resources office.

A survey of 1,428 chief financial officers conducted by Robert Half Finance & Accounting found that 46 percent of their companies provided some form of tuition reimbursement.

Using Social Networks to Boost Your Professional Connections

The numbers

It’s hard to argue with raw numbers. Social networks are commanding daily users somewhere in the range of 100 million combined. Those numbers aren’t even counting the numerous sites that users make for their favorite pets, TV shows and foods just for kicks. That number refers to the 100 million people who check in at least once a day to:

Career Building Resources

Assessment.com — Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP): Aptitude tests such as the MAPP pinpoint your motivations and their corresponding talents. A full MAPP Assessment reveals the real you: your natural motivations, your interests, and your talents for work.

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