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Managing Your Reputation Online

Four Tips on How to Keep MySpace From Ruining Your Professional Life

We’re going to work off of the assertion that in today’s hyper-public world of online life, there will always be a chance that the wrong person will see something you made, did or wrote while living a fairly private life. It’s a fact, so face it.

Top Career Training and Career Education Opportunities

Find training for the top careers, or let us search for you. Career Advisors are available 24/7. Call (866) 529-1238

In Search of Job Fit

By Ian Christie, LiveCareer Counselor
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Just like the perfect pair of jeans, career success comes from finding the right fit.  In this case, you’re looking for fit with what you do, the environment you work in and the people you work with.  To find job fit, you need two things:  focus and confidence.

Find the Internship Program for You

Internships — a valuable way to get ahead!

Taking advantage of internships while you're still in school has a lot of rewards. If you're a college or high school student doing an internship search, finding and landing the right internship can give you a real edge when getting started on your career.

How to Pay for Career Training


Unlike scholarships and need-based grants, student loans are available to almost everyone. Your eligibility for student loans doesn't necessarily depend on your financial status or academic achievements. Student loans are a great way to cover college expenses, but they are by no means "free money." After you finish school, you have to repay the money you borrow with interest. If you need money for school, don't let that hold you back!

Career Training & Career Education

With Career Explorer, you can search for career training that matches your career interests in your area, or finding all the schools in our database offering career training for programs matching your interest.

Trimming the Textbook Price Tag

How to Beat the Rising Costs Textbooks

With a job market that is becoming increasingly competitive, it is no surprise that the demand for a college education is on the rise. Exploding tuition costs are no secret, but even while most students are well aware of education's hefty price tag, some are still stinging from one of school's hidden costs: textbooks.

Find a better career. Starting now.

Are you looking for a career change but lack the necessary education? Consider returning to school to receive career training. A job-specific career education program can greatly improve your employment opportunities.

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Improve career awareness with a career assessment test

Many students enter college undecided about their major, while others often change their mind time and time again. Changing majors is a common practice at most colleges and universities around the country. In fact, every year millions of students sit in college classes to learn things relevant to their major. They study for tests and complete papers and projects that propel them closer and closer to a degree.

Books for the Career Conscious

There's no better way to learn and explore career possibilities than through reading. If you are interested in reading for both pleasure and profit, check out the reading recommendations below. These books offer great advice for job hunters, useful tips on personal effectiveness, and can serve as a source of clarification and inspiration for you current career or on your job search.

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