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Illinois is an incredible state for education, thanks to the large amount of schools that have centralized there. Many of these schools have built campuses in Illinois because of Chicago. The size of the city simply makes it the perfect location for education. Students from all walks of life attend college in and around Chicago for the education they’ll need to launch a successful career. As the hub of the Midwest, Illinois provides plenty of different opportunities to students in the area.


Idaho relies heavily on agriculture, looking toward the earth to find the economy that it needs to keep running. With that being said, Idaho continues to branch out into new technologies and new industries, looking to diversify and become an economic player in the United States. The colleges and universities in Idaho are pushing this idea, working to educate students in a wide variety of fields that will prepare them for the exciting new careers that continue to pop up in the state.


Hawaii is often looked at as a vacation paradise, not a college location. People think about the amount of vacationers that head to the area, unaware of the fact that the state provides post secondary educational opportunities for those both in state and out of state. What could be better than heading to Hawaii for four years to complete an education?


Georgia is easily the hub for all of the southern states, providing plenty of opportunities for the surrounding area. Georgia Colleges are some of the more well known colleges in the South, thanks to their large population and focus on education.


Florida is known as one of the largest tourist states in the nation, thanks to the incredible weather and beautiful beaches it has to offer. Students flock to the different colleges and universities in the state because of the beautiful location, and once there, find out that the schools they have chosen offer incredible programs and degrees.

District of Columbia

When people think of the District of Columbia, they think about the government and all the jobs opportunities that it provides.  The District of Columbia has many educational opportunities as well.


Delaware is the second smallest state in the Union, making it one of the least recognized states for education. This is unfortunate, as the state is often the perfect choice for those who are looking to further their education and start a career. Delaware’s small size makes it the perfect state for those who are looking for more focused schools.


The east coast is home to strong traditions and strong legacies, making Connecticut colleges and universities some of the most sought after schools in the nation. Connecticut is one of the educational powerhouses of America.

Yale University is one of the most recognized universities in the world.  Started in 1701, it’s also one of the oldest Universities in the nation. It’s an Ivy League school that takes in the best students and produces some of the strongest career-minded individuals in the nation.


Colorado is known for its incredible ski resorts and mountain scenery. However, Colorado Colleges are some of the most well recognized in the states, providing students with a full range of educational opportunities. From Associate’s to Master’s Degrees, and small technical colleges to Medical schools, Colorado has it all.

Colorado Universities tend to make headlines on a regular basis, thanks to their research capacity and incredible student body. Some of the largest Universities in the state are the University of Colorado the University of Denver and Colorado State University.


California is the state that everyone turns to when they want to start something new. People constantly look to California as the state of dreams, hoping to get into Hollywood or to catch a glimpse of their favorite celebrities. California is also home to some of the most storied and well-known universities in the world.

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