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Located in the Deep South, Arkansas is famous for its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views. The Ozark and the Ouachita mountains set the scene for education in a state with around 2.8 million people. Arkansas has more than just gorgeous landscapes though.  Its colleges and Universities can be found in both the big and small cities. Arkansas’ educational opportunities are second to none; they offer both community colleges and 4 year Universities.


As one of the largest and most populous states in the union, Arizona has a lot to offer. Those who are looking for a strong education can be sure to find it in this state.  While there are plenty of different schools that you can attend in Arizona, there are some that stand out among the rest. The University of Arizona and Arizona State University are two large schools that are nationally recognized. Northern Arizona University rounds out the large public universities in the state.


Alaska is the largest state in the Union, but is one of the least populated, with less than 1 million residents. Don’t let the small population fool you. Alaska is a prime location for those looking for post secondary education. The state has a number of different colleges that are known for providing a strong education.  Two of these schools are The University of Alaska and Alaska Pacific University. Each school has multiple locations in the state, providing students with a wide variety of education and career-related opportunities.


Despite being in the middle of the pack in the United States in terms of size and population, Alabama has plenty of educational firepower. The state boasts over 14 different colleges that provide 4 year degrees, including Auburn University and the storied University of Alabama. With over 58 different colleges and universities overall, Alabama makes it easy for you to get the education you need to start your career.


Wyoming is in the western part of the Unites States surrounded by land on all sides. The terrain of Wyoming is mostly mountainous with high plains in the western part of the state. Wyoming is mostly known for its fabled past of western towns, mining, cattle drives, and outlaws. Since the population of Wyoming is the least of any of the states in the country, they also have the least amount of higher education programs. There are only a handful of colleges found in the state, but that does not mean that they lack in their quality of education.


Wisconsin is located within the central United States. It borders Minnesota to the west and Iowa to the southeast. Lake Michigan is the eastern border of the state. The state of Wisconsin is considered part of the Midwest region of the country, but is more north and west. The terrain is full of a combination of rolling hills, waterways, and fertile lands for farms and agricultural industry. The land is also home to more than 100 colleges, technical schools, and universities for the residents and people from around the world.

West Virginia

West Virginia is located within the heart of Appalachian country. It is in the Mid Atlantic region of the United States, but does not have any coastal seashore. The state is mostly mountainous, but with fertile lands for agriculture, forestry, mining, and other land resources. The people of West Virginia love their status as "Appalachia" and continue to live with a hearty lifestyle. Dotting the land is over 75 colleges and post secondary schools that are committed to producing quality graduates that are prepared in every way to succeed in life and work.


Located along the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Washington is not only a great place to live, but it also holds a tremendous opportunity for a successful college life. Many of the people live within the Seattle area, but a majority of the commerce and industry is found at Puget Sound or along the coastal regions. Much of the land of Washington is still undeveloped as the land is quite rugged, mountainous, and dotted with hundreds of lakes and streams.


The Commonwealth of Virginia is a state along the Atlantic Coast of the United States. As one of the original 13 colonies Virginia still holds true to their historic heritage. The people of Virginia have great values and tremendous hospitality. Many people travel to Virginia to experience the hospitality and excellent college education they find there. There are over 200 different colleges, universities, and trade schools in Virginia. These colleges feature a mix of degree programs making it easy to find the right career path.


Vermont is located in the Northeastern part of the United States. It is a place where people enjoy many outdoor recreational activities and family traditions. Vermont is one of the smallest states in the country with only 9,250 square miles. It is also one of the most sparsely populated with only 620,000 residents. However, Vermont colleges are among some of the most noted in the country today. Students who choose one of the more than 25 colleges and trade schools in the state are assured of a quality education and firm foundation on which to launch their careers.

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