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Utah is a unique state in the western part of the United States. It is a diverse state that features the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains as well as long flat plains where livestock and ranches dot the landscape. Most of the people and schools in Utah can be found within the capital City of Salt Lake. There are nearly 100 different post secondary schools, universities, and technical colleges, many of them located quite close together.


The state of Texas is one that is steeped in great traditions, heritage, culture, and old West flair. With over 260,000 square miles there is plenty of room to move, live, and work. In a land that is full of big opportunities, some of the biggest are found in Texas colleges. There are over 500 colleges throughout the state that provide certificates, licenses, two and four year degrees, masters, and doctorate degrees to the hundreds of thousands of students that attend each year.


Tennessee is located in the Southeastern part of the United States. It is dominated by the Appalachian Mountains in the east and plains in the west. There is a great amount of industry and agriculture that is driven by both the people that live there and the Mississippi River. Located within Tennessee are more than 200 colleges and technical schools to prepare the next generation of leaders, thinkers, engineers, doctors, and teachers.

South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is one of the original 13 colonies of the United States. As South Carolina moves forward in today’s society, they retain the rich southern tradition from their past. There are 32,000 square miles of land area in which 4.5 million people live and work. The people living in Rolling Hills, Plains, and Seacoast all have their own traditions and heritage. One of them is a long standing commitment to high quality education. With over 100 South Carolina colleges to choose from students are sure to find a quality degree program of their choosing.

Rhode Island

The small state of Rhode Island, only 1,214 square miles in land area, is home to more than 25 colleges that range from private four year institutions to two year community colleges. Since the state is so small, many of the people who attend these high quality schools travel from around the country to attend. The city of Providence is home to most of the colleges in Rhode Island, but some do have different campuses around the state.


The state of Pennsylvania has a tremendous amount of history and culture. From the very beginning of the United States, Pennsylvania has been at the center of both strength and education. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania shows this through the immense number of schools that are available to both residents of the commonwealth and throughout the country. Over 500 universities, colleges, community colleges and specialized trade schools are in operation in Pennsylvania for the 12 million residents and anyone else who is interested.


The beautiful state of Oregon is a great place to live, visit, and go to school. There are currently over 100 different universities, colleges, and community colleges in the state. These post-secondary schools provide both residents of Oregon, and those from around the country, with degree programs that range from certification and licensing, to two year degrees, bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees.


Oklahoma Colleges

The state of Oklahoma is located in the Central Midwest region of the United States. To help prepare the residents of this state, and those around the country, there are over 150 colleges and universities around the state. While most are centered in the largely populated areas of Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Lawton, and Enid, there are also plenty that are within driving distance of many small towns.


Ohio Colleges

When it comes to caring about higher education, Ohio ranks at the top. With only 45,000 square miles of land area, the state of Ohio packs in over 350 different universities, colleges, and community schools for their residents, and those around the world to choose from. These schools maintain a high standard as far as producing high quality employees, leaders, and world thinkers. These colleges are mostly centered around the large metropolitan areas of Columbus, Cleveland, Dayton, Toledo, and Cincinnati.

New Hampshire

There are many great careers available in New Hampshire which the graduate schools New Hampshire has to offer will help you to attain. You will also find the graduate programs New Hampshire schools offer to be just the thing to get you into managerial positions rather than entry level positions. Of course, there are plenty of great jobs which will only require an associate degree to get you started. It is important to know what you will need for the job you really want so you do not spend more time in college than you need to.

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