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Computer Networking

Today's business world demands Computer Networking technicians that can manage, setup and maintain their computer systems. This kind of technology rules the daily operations of everything that affects our lives in this day and age. Graduates of Computer Networking or Network Systems can look towards a bright future and a career path filled with opportunities.

Some Computer Networking job titles are inclusive of:

  • Network Technician
  • Computer Support Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Director
  • Cisco Networking Professional

Education and training vary for this field, as companies prefer a different variety of skills depending on the needs of their organization. The basic education requirements are a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer engineering. Some jobs require only an associate's degree that is computer-related. Still there are companies that hire on any type of college degree or certification and computer experience as a formal education substitute.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of Computer Networking is predicted to grow at 23% through to 2018. This is faster than the average of all other careers. The fastest growth will be experienced by industries that heavily rely of technological advances. Those related industries and services are data processing, software publishing, web hosting, scientific and management industries. The healthcare industry is another area that will experience exponential growth and increased demand for computer support for efficient patient care.

Network and Computer Systems Administrators and Computer Support Specialists are entry-level positions to go for in order to get your Computer Networking career started. Computer Support Specialists are IT professionals that assist in computer related issues such as, software, hardware, security and systems. A Help-Desk Technician may be a more familiar term for this job title.

On the other hand, Network and Computer Systems Administrators manage the organization and structure of a company's computers by evaluating the networking needs of that company. They must also design the framework that assures the smooth operation of the entire network. They must be experienced in both wide and local area networks, the intranet and internet systems.

Career advancement in the field of Computer Networking leads to senior-level positions. These positions may also require additional education or certification to help equip you for making decisions on behalf of the company. When you are advanced to a higher level position in Computer Networking, you must be prepared to take on more critical responsibilities such as, implementing new strategies, making recommendations to other organizations and overseeing your team of IT professionals.

Salary Comparison: Computer Networking
Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The salary range for Computer Networking begins around $41,000 and usually tops out around $104,070, with a mean in the neighborhood of $72,535. This is about 67% higher than the national average for annual salaries.

In order to qualify for most Computer Networking positions, you typically need to have a Bachelor's Degree or higher.

Growth Outlook: Computer Networking
Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The growth outlook for Computer Networking careers is estimated at about 23% while the estimated growth for all career fields over that same span is at about 10.12%. Over the next six years, Computer Networking jobs are expected to grow at a 127% higher rate than the national average for annual salaries.