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Construction & Extraction Careers

The construction industry is an ever-expanding, exciting field that includes a multitude of opportunities and excellent pay, particularly for graduates of construction training colleges. A degree from a top construction school can increase both pay and opportunity for advancement in the industry.

The number of jobs in the construction industry is expected to grow by nineteen percent over the next several years, which is a full eight percent more than the growth expected in all other employment industries combined. Construction jobs are found in every state in America, and numerous opportunities for employment also exist overseas for the more adventurous. With this type of growth, an education in the construction field can help to ensure future employment for years to come.

The likelihood of a construction worker creating his own company is much higher than other job fields, a likelihood which is only increased with the benefits that an education from a leading construction program can provide.

In addition to the constant growth expected, the pay in the construction industry is significantly higher than the average for all other industries. A diploma from a respected construction program can increase this pay even more, and lead to much better job opportunities than the average unskilled laborer. Benefits are frequently very good, particularly from union-sanctioned organizations.

Graduates from top construction schools often advance at a far quicker rate than their coworkers, thanks to the benefits their classroom education can give them. A certificate or license in any of the numerous construction jobs will vastly improve the opportunities for advancement in both job title and pay.

In addition to a solid education from a construction training course, good problem-solving skills and a desire to be challenged are helpful when considering a job in the construction field.

There are dozens of different positions available in the building industry, as varied as the people who work them. Enrolling in programs at construction colleges can prepare an individual for such varied jobs as:

Building Inspector
Heating and Air Technician
Drywall Installer
Drywall Finisher
Licensed Electrician
Insulation Installer
Hazardous Materials Handler
Concrete Finisher
Licensed Plumber
Construction Management
Elevator Installer
General Contractor

Construction workers are vital to the economy. Nothing is built without the hard work and effort of laborers. Construction work requires strength and stamina and the ability to work in confined spaces or outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions. Most construction workers learn their career informally on the job from more experienced workers. Becoming a skilled construction worker through this method often requires years, as different tasks are learned only as the opportunity arises.

Another option for construction training is through a formal apprenticeship program. Local apprenticeship programs operate under the guidelines of the Laborers-Associated General Contractors of America Education and Training Fund and require about four thousand hours of supervised on-the-job training with an additional four hundred hours of classroom training. These programs generally require workers to be at least 18 years of age. And vocational classes in welding, construction or other general building skills can be a significant asset, as can military service or service in the Job Corps.

Job outlook for construction workers should be favorable, particularly for those who are able to relocate to different worksites. Construction workers are always needed, both for new construction and in large-scale repair projects.

An education from a construction school will help to cement your place in the job market and supply you with an advantage over many others involved in the industry.
Enroll in a construction program at a nearby college today and ensure your success in this constantly growing, always exciting field.

Salary Comparison: Construction & Extraction
Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The salary range for Construction & Extraction begins around $31,616 and usually tops out around $79,040, with a mean in the neighborhood of $55,328. This is about 27% higher than the national average for annual salaries.

In order to qualify for most Construction & Extraction positions, you typically need to have a High School Diploma or higher.

Growth Outlook: Construction & Extraction
Data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

The growth outlook for Construction & Extraction careers is estimated at about 19% while the estimated growth for all career fields over that same span is at about 10.12%. Over the next six years, Construction & Extraction jobs are expected to grow at a 88% higher rate than the national average for annual salaries.