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Culinary, Travel & Hospitality Careers

Culinary, Travel & Hospitality Careers & Schools

Arts and entertainment are a large part of almost every culture. Some people enjoy arts, travel, and entertainment to a degree where he or she feels it needs to be a part of their everyday life. For this reason, many people seek degrees at culinary institutes, hospitality management, and travel brokerage. All of these fields help the average person enjoy his or her life by providing opportunities for relaxation, a broadening of one's horizons, and the pampering that some people need after a long work week. There are a number of opportunities within each of the aforementioned fields, and many schools offer specialty degrees for those who wish to make arts and entertainment part of their daily lives.

Culinary Educations

The art of cooking goes far behind learning to cook a box of macaroni and cheese, and many people have the desire to learn the techniques for creating five star dining experiences to become a world class chef. For these people, a degree in fine culinary arts may be just what he or she is seeking. Culinary arts includes a number of cooking styles, all of which will be taught to those enrolled in one of the many culinary schools within the country. One will start off with learning the basics of cooking and kitchen management such as the ability to peel potatoes, cut vegetables, and other kitchen help needs.

If you've always been a purveyor of fine cuisine and enjoy utilizing creativity in your cooking, then a career as a chef may interest you! Chef schools, also known as culinary arts schools, are located throughout the United States. You'll learn the intricacies of food preparation and the finer points of kitchen management.

Chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers prepare and cook a wide range of foods - from soups, salads, snacks, side dishes, entrees and desserts - in a variety of food establishments and restaurants. Chefs generally create recipes, manage the kitchen, and order supplies. Food preparation workers assist the chef by peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables, trimming meats, preparing poultry, and performing duties such as keeping work areas clean and monitoring temperatures of stoves and ovens.

Generally, chefs measure, mix, and cook ingredients according to specified recipes. They must be familiar with the various types of kitchen equipment and instruments. Chefs are also responsible for directing the duties of other kitchen employees.

Larger restaurants and food service establishments tend to have multiple chefs and cooks who are assigned to specific stations in the kitchen. The main chef is known as the Executive Chef while the second in command is referred to as the Sous Chef. Other food preparation workers are given titles to reflect their stations in the kitchen. For instance, the individual assigned to cold food preparation, such as salads and desserts, is referred to as the pantry cook.

Some chefs do not work in restaurants or food service kitchens. Personal chefs plan and prepare meals in private homes according to a client's personal preferences and dietary needs. Research chefs combine their culinary skills with food science to test new formulas, develop recipes, experiment with flavors and presentation, and test new products for chain restaurants, food growers, and manufacturers.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for chefs is expected to be favorable due to the tendency of kitchen workers to transfer to other occupations and the high volume of restaurants in the United States. There are a variety of culinary arts programs available. Contact one of our featured institutions today for more information.

Travel Careers

There are many individuals who do nothing but dream of traveling to the far reaches of the globe in order to meet people of different cultures and experience different environments and lifestyles. Unfortunately, not everyone has the money to be world travelers. Because of this, many people choose to help others find their chosen vacation destinations instead. Earnings for travel agents are on average between $25K-$35K and growth is expected to be about one percent over the next ten years.

Hospitality management

Hospitality management is a term that is very broad in its discourse. For instance, hospitality management can mean anything from a waitress all the way to hotel management. Many people want to work in an environment that is fun and exciting, which is why many people choose careers in hospitality management. A favorite for many people within this field is hotel activities manager, which allows one to set up activities for hotel guests such as evening horse back rides and marine and diving activities. Most schools have an alternative degree program set aside for those looking to pursue an education in hospitality management. Although finding a first job within this industry may not be at the top of the chain, a solid understanding of the field will help one climb the ladder rapidly. Earnings for this particular career can be expected to be somewhere around $35K for entry level and the growth rate and job outlook will look to be less than one percent over the next ten years.