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Installation, Maintenance & Repair Careers

The decision to enroll in a technical school program is a financially promising one, since career opportunities are expected to keep growing within various fields that involve installation, maintenance, and repair. Graduates with a solid foundation in electronics, engines, and mechanical equipment are able to choose from any number of specializations. Depending on individual student interests, different programs are available that focus on areas such as auto repair, computer technology, electrical, air conditioning, and telecommunications, just to name a few.

An interest in cars or motorcycles can lead to opportunities in automotive repair and maintenance. These can include roles as an auto body technician, automotive and diesel mechanic, or motorcycle and small engine repair technician. The areas of public transportation are also experiencing a need for technicians to be able to maintain and repair train and bus engines. Degree and certificate programs for this field offer training in diagnostic equipment, proper tool usage, routine maintenance procedures, and critical problem-solving skills.

Skilled technicians for air-conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems are always in demand. Coursework in these types of technical programs focus on installation techniques for each equipment component, common problems that require repair, and equipment maintenance training. Many technicians with training from a quality degree program begin working for employers and later progress to forming their own companies offering these types of installation, maintenance, and repair services.

Prospective students interested in computers and electronics are able to choose from several rewarding career paths. Computer technology is constantly changing, and there is always the need for technicians versed in the latest hardware maintenance and repair, Internet security measures, and computer network installation. Electronics are also a focus for much of this type of coursework, including topics in troubleshooting, updating, and repairing various equipment components.

In addition to Internet security, home and business owners are also concerned with brick-and-mortar security. Trained locksmiths are able to install quality hardware at entry points in order to effectively keep out intruders. Completion of a locksmith program in a technical school indicates ability to work as an installer for a wide range of building types, from single homes to multi-story office complexes.

The field of telecommunication infrastructure is a frequent possibility in many technical schools as well. The need for optimal phone and cable systems requires technicians with knowledge of cable installation, fiber optics, and network repair procedures. These types of degree programs typically lead to industry certification that indicates to employers that recent graduates have the necessary qualifications for this type of technical field.

Avionics refers to the field of installing, maintaining, and repairing various components of modern airplanes. Graduates of an avionics program have the opportunities to work for various employers, including major airlines, the military, and government agencies. As technology continues to become more intricate when it comes to jet engines, technical school avionics coursework is placing a high level of emphasis on proficiencies in electronics.