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Science & Biotechnology Careers

With jobs in the United States being on a three year down-turn, both new high school graduates and seasoned workers are looking for a career with some type of employment stability. With so many traditional jobs being outsourced to foreign nations, many citizens are returning to school for a complete career change. For those who are looking for more stability and upward mobility in their future career, one of the hottest industries of the present is in science and biotechnology. The science and biotech industry has created an entirely new job sector within the United States along with many other technologically innovative nations, and job outlooks are far better than practically any other occupation.

What is Biotech?

Biotechnology has become one of the hottest sectors for overall job growth in the United States and developed nations. Biotech covers a wide variety of topics including culture sampling, culture growth, pharmaceutical research, and many other scientific avenues. Because of the aging populations and the need for increased drug efficacy and safety, biotechnology has extended its reach into many medical fields as well that were traditionally under the category of biology and often required a four year degree. The job forecast for biotechnology over the next decade is expected to increase exponentially with each passing year and will continue to add new sectors, which will increase the demand for workers. Associate level degrees can expect to start out making anywhere between $25K - $35K per annum although salaries greatly depend for whom the individual is working. The ability to move upward in this industry is just as good as its outlook in the fact that one can start with an associate's degree and move all the way to a doctorate in a matter of years. 

Science and Biotech: Where to Start

With so many people interested in the biotech industry, many people are wandering where to start. For those looking for the most economical way to break into the sector, community colleges are the way to go. Community colleges all over the nation have began to set up programs for biotech due to the demand in workers, and this is the fastest and cheapest way for one to get his or her foot in the door. The biotech program begins with general science and biology courses. Ones seeking an associate level degree should be prepared to take a chemical survey course, micro-biology, biology I & II, and possibly physics as their science core. Along with those courses, the student will also embark on laboratory courses where he or she will learn proper procedures for lab safety, the cultivation of samples, and other information related to biotechnology. Once completed, the student will graduate with an associate degree that will allow him or her to apply for lab assistant jobs. However, if one wishes to climb the biotech ladder, he or she will need a four year degree in biotechnology, which will allow that student to by-pass traditional assistant jobs and go on to actual research based positions.