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Transportation Careers

The exciting world of the transportation field offers a wide range of professions and careers for you, whether you’re looking for an interesting first job or you seek to change professions. We’re here for you, to help you find the best technical college anywhere in the country with classes and degrees designed to meet your needs.

Air Traffic Controllers
Air traffic controllers have probably the most important profession in the aviation and airline field. They also have one of the most difficult and stressful jobs ever created because they’re responsible for the safety of hundreds of passengers. They have to have steady nerves and highly specialized skills. They expedite and maintain a safe and orderly flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system by applying certain rules to keep aircraft apart from each other. They are also highly paid and enjoy many other benefits.

Pilots, or aviators, are people who fly aircraft, either commercial or military planes. It is a legal requirement, to ensure the safety of both those in the air and on the ground, for all aircraft to be controlled by a properly trained, certified, and current pilot at all times.

Transit Automotive Careers
Every city in the United States has a transit system, so there are all kinds of career opportunities in public transportation, all over the country. The first step is gaining a CDL, or commercial driver’s license, which will permit you to operate any type of vehicle that is 26,001 pounds or over for commercial use. This will also allow you to transport hazardous materials, like transporting petroleum products to gas stations, or transport sixteen or more passengers. If you hold a CDL, you can get into truck driving or become a bus driver.

Formal training is not mandatory to earn a CDL; it depends upon the state issuing it. All states, however, require a prospective driver to pass a written exam with a minimum of 30 questions on highway safety and about the parts of a truck. 80% is a passing grade. Most CDL exams also have a skills test portion. CDL tests can be administered by employers, training facilities, states, governmental departments, and private institutions such as truck driving schools. If you want to learn more about trucking jobs or even search for current openings, please feel free to visit FindaTruckingJob.com. More detailed information about Truck Driver Salary can be found on Truck-Driver-Salary.org

If you want to avoid traffic, other transit careers include railroad and subway jobs. The railway and subway industries provide a wide variety of career opportunities, whether you have a college degree in computer science or if you’re a highly skilled trade worker. 

Cruise ship careers
What transportation career is more luxurious than an occupation on a cruise ship? These jobs will bring you excitement and opportunities to see the world. The cruise ship industry is one of the fastest growing industries, despite the recession. All leading cruise lines have doubled their fleets in the past several years, so the job opportunities in this field are abundant.