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Indiana Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Resource

File a claim

Go to your nearest WorkOne Center and file an initial claim. Make sure to take the following information with you:

  • Complete name and address
  • Social Security number
  • Personal identification
  • Your most recent employer's name and address
  • The dates you worked for your most recent employer
  • The reason you are unemployed.

PLEASE NOTE: Indiana law requires you to register for work at an Indiana WorkOne Center if you are unemployed.

Your claim voucher will be mailed to you within one week after you file your initial claim. Indiana law states that you cannot be paid for your one-week waiting period. However, you still need to complete the voucher and return it by mail or in person when you visit a WorkOne Center.

If you don't receive your claim voucher in the mail, call your WorkOne Center or the DWD Helpline at 1-888-WORKONE.

After your first week, you will receive a voucher in the mail that you need to complete and return for your first week's claim. Your check could be delayed if you fail to complete your voucher properly - so make sure to answer all questions. Write down wages or pay earned for the week. Don't forget to sign your name.

You should receive your first check approximately one week after you mail your second voucher. Each week, you will be mailed a voucher to complete and return. You will be asked to return to the WorkOne Center periodically for interviews and will receive notification in the mail indicating when you must return to the center. If you experience a problem with or have a question about your unemployment insurance claim:

  • Call the toll-free help line at 1-800-437-9136. If you live in Marion County, call 232-6702. Please return to your WorkOne Center or call the toll-free help line if:
    • You receive a form in the mail indicating that you haven't received enough wage earnings to qualify for benefits
    • You didn't receive your voucher in the mail.

If you do experience a problem:

  • You won't receive any benefits until a decision about your claim is made.
  • You will continue to receive your voucher each week. Make sure to complete it accurately and return it by mail.
  • You will receive written notice in the mail when a decision is made.
  • Should you be found eligible to receive benefits, you will be paid for the past claims you filed.
  • Should you be found ineligible, you have the right to appeal the decision. However, you must file your appeal within 20 days.

Contact a Local Workone Center near you to get information and file your initial unemployment insurance benefit claim.

Adams County (260) 745-3555
Allen County (260) 745-3555
Bartholomew County (812) 376-3351
Benton County (765) 474-5411
Blackford County (765) 289-1861
Boone County (317) 392-3251
Brown County (812) 376-3351
Carroll County (765) 474-5411
Cass County (765) 459-0571
Clark County (812) 948-6102
Clay County (812) 234-6602
Clinton County (765) 474-5411


Crawford County (812) 948-6102
Daviess County (812) 882-8770
Dearborn County (812) 537-1117
Decatur County (812) 537-1117
DeKalb County (260) 745-3555
Delaware County (765) 289-1861
Dubois County (812) 882-8770
Elkhart County (574) 295-0105
Fayette County (812) 537-1117
Floyd County (812) 948-6102
Fountain County (765) 474-5411
Franklin County (812) 537-1117
Fulton County (765) 459-0571
Gibson County (812) 882-8770
Grant County (765) 668-8911
Greene County (812) 882-8770
Hamilton County (317) 392-3251
Hancock County (317) 392-3251
Harrison County (812) 948-6102
Hendricks County (317) 392-3251
Henry County (765) 289-1861
Howard County (765) 459-0571
Huntington County (260) 745-3555
Jackson County (812) 376-3351
Jasper County (219) 362-2175
Jay County (765) 289-1861
Jefferson County (812) 537-1117
Johnson County (317) 392-3251
Knox County (812) 882-8770
Kosciusko County (574) 295-0105
LaGrange County (260) 745-3555
Lake County (219) 981-1520
LaPorte County (219) 362-2175
Lawrence County (812) 882-8770
Madison County (765) 668-8911
Marshall County (574) 295-0105
Martin County (812) 882-8770
Miami County (765) 459-0571
Monroe County (812)376-3351
Montgomery County (765)474-5411
Morgan County (317) 392-3251
Newton County (219) 362-2175
Noble County (260) 745-3555
Ohio County (812) 537-1117
Orange County (812) 948-6102
Owen County (812) 376-3351
Parke County (812) 234-6602
Perry County (812) 424-4473
Pike County (812) 882-8770
Porter County (219) 362-2175
Posey County (812) 424-4473
Pulaski County (219) 362-2175
Putnam County (812) 234-6602
Randolph County (765) 289-1861
Ripley County (812) 537-1117
Rush County (812) 537-1117
Scott County (812) 948-6102
Shelby County (317) 392-3251
Spencer County (812) 424-4473
St. Joseph County (574) 295-0105
Starke County (219) 362-2175
Steuben County (260) 745-3555
Sullivan County (812) 882-8770
Switzerland County (812) 537-1117
Tippecanoe County (765) 474-5411
Tipton County (765) 459-0571
Union County (812)537-1117
Vanderburgh County (812)424-4473
Vermillion County (812) 234-6602
Vigo County (812) 234-6602
Wabash County (765) 459-0571
Warren County (765) 474-5411
Warrick County (812) 424-4473
Washington County (812) 948-6102
Wayne County (812) 537-1117
Wells County (260) 745-3555
White County (765) 474-5411
Whitley County (260) 745-3555

Temporary Extended Unemployment Compensation has been extended through May 31, 2003 for those who exhaust their regular benefits and those who were affected by the sudden cut-off of benefits Dec. 28, 2002. Hoosiers who were abruptly cut off on Dec 28, 2002 will get the full number of weeks they were originally determined eligible for. Those who exhaust their REGULAR benefits between Dec. 28, 2002, and May 31, 2003, are also eligible for up to 13 weeks of additional benefits. Claimants must qualify for any benefits under normal Indiana Unemployment Insurance laws. Vouchers and new claims that have already been submitted were processed Jan. 9, 2003. No provisions were made by the President or Congress for those who have already exhausted their regular benefits and their 13-week extension.

Information regarding the "$3,000.00 re-employment accounts" is at this time just a proposal in the President's Economic Stimulus Plan, and we have no further information.

Contact your local WorkOne office or call 1-888-WorkOne for more information or to apply.